stop losing Hair and time

See growth in 2 months

Who says you're destined to lose your hair?
Do something while you still can.


"What will give me results quickly?"

- is what the founder, Nick, asked when he started seeing a Vegeta hairline form.

The Bro Hair Kit

Who is it for?

The Bro Hair Kit is for men in
Class 1-3.

The Bro Hair Kit works best for men who are just starting to show signs of hair loss. You want to prevent further hair loss and be able to rejuvenate hair follicles that have miniaturized. That's why we urge you to stop losing hair now because once you pass class 3, it's most likely irreversible.

The Bro Hair Kit

How it works

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Starting to show signs of hair loss?
Buy the Bro Hair Kit today and receive it in 2-4 days at your door!

Use it

Use the right products and tools, consistently and as directed, feel a difference and see growth in 2 months!


Once you start running low on certain products, buy the kit in advance with our multiple month deals OR simply order the products from our website.

The Bro Hair Kit


1 month

$141 CAD


Don't be shy. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the products and tools in the kit. You're on your way bro!

You receive 1 month worth of products and tools.

*taxes and shipping included

Most Popular
2 months

save $41


It makes sense and you know it, you're ready for it. You care about your hair, time, and even money! A well-rounded man.

You receive 2 months worth of products and tools.

*taxes and shipping included

4 months

save $133


You're a gentleman and a scholar. You're more than ready and you want in.
"Let's do each other a solid" - your hair.

You receive 4 months worth of products and tools.

*taxes and shipping included

what else

Your new year's resolution:
Prevent further hair loss
and Grow some hair back

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